Our Wedding

We had a truly wonderful wedding and would like to thank everybody who could make it for coming.  Being surrounded by so much love, made our special day just amazing.

We would like to recognize special thanks to:

  • Jules & Lisa Bott who spent three days prepping & cooking all the food.  Menu here.
  • Gianmarco Leoncavallo & Brook Wilensky-Lanford who did an amazing job managing the wedding and solving all problems with grace.
  • Jack and Alissa Dunford who helped us move the setup outside at the last minute.
  • Brian Bower who after driving all night helped us set up, and made the day very special.
  • Jenn & Alex Conner,  just amazingly jumping in and helping in every possible way.
  • Sheila Frank who helped Theresa prepare for the ceremony.
  • Sara Burroughs (Bouchard) who brought toys for all the kids.

Photo App

We chose to go with the WedPics app. If you would like to upload images please install the app.  To connect to our wedding please click here. The wedding ID is TopazTheresa.

To download for iPhone please click here.

To download for android please click here.